Do Not Forget the Reformation

We must not forget the great Protestant reformation and the principle behind it. Why? Because God was behind the reformation, and He inspired those brave men and women to stand up for the truth in the face of great opposition. Which tells us something important. It tells us that the TRUTH is important to God. The truth that was almost lost during the dark reign of the Papal Church between 538AD and 1798AD.

During those 1260 years, which Daniel prophesied about (see the little horn of Daniel), the Roman Catholic Church cast the truth down to the ground and trampled upon it. The leaders of that church raised themselves up in place of Christ Jesus, teaching that it is only through the Catholic Church that you can be saved. They replaced the truth about salvation by faith, with salvation by works. And they taught the people to come to the priests to receive forgiveness of sins, rather than go stright to the Lord in prayer. And the scriptures which were to be freely given to the people so that they could see the truth for themselves were locked up by the Papal Church, so that they could teach the people whatever they wanted.

Yet there were small groups of faithful people all throughout history who had the scriptures and lived according to the truths of God's Word. But this did not please the Roman Church, as she wanted all people to bow down to her "authority" instead of God's authority. And these faithful people of God were horribly persecuted and killed. The same thing happened to the faithful men and women of God who rose up against the Papal church during the great Protestant reformation. They were slaughtered at the command of the popes. Even having the Bible in your possession would cost you your life! What EVIL runs through the Papal Church of Rome! But God does still have many of His dear people within this church, and is calling them out!

Tens of MILLIONS of Christians were killed by the Papal Church of Rome!

Now you may say that it was all in the past and the Roman Catholic Church is different today. They do not persecute people anymore for having the Bible and living according to their own conscience. Well, the Catholic Church is the same, because she believe that the popes were infallible and were not in error. The only difference today is that they are using a change of tactics. Instead of going out and persecuting those who don't bow down to her "authority", they have infiltrated all the churches with their Jesuit priests and have caused a CANCER to spread throughout the denominations. A cancer that causes the truth to be replaced with error. And the erroneous teachings of the Catholic Church are now right throughout Christendom.

When Satan saw that persecution was only sowing the seed for more Christians to rise up, he changed his plan. So instead of using the Roman Church to just kill those who proclaimed the Bible truth, he used the Papal "priests" to infiltrate all the other churches with error. And what a success that was. Virtually all of Christendom today holds onto some form of false Roman Catholic doctrine. Sunday sabbath being the main one.

But please know that persecution WILL rise up again when the mark of the Roman Catholic beast is enforced.

So why must we not forget the Protestant reformation? We must not forget the great reformation because if we do, we will fall right into the hands of Satan and end up being deceived into accepting this false ecumenical movement. If we forget, then the great work that God did through those brave men and women in restoring the truth will have been for nothing. If we forget, then those godly people who gave their very lives for the truth will have been for nothing. Men, women and children were horribly persecuted and killed for the sake of the truth. Are you just going to forget about them? Are you just going to give in and open your arms to Rome? Or will you stand alongside God's faithful servants and proclaim the truth?

This is for Christ Jesus. It is ALL for Christ Jesus!

John 8:32 ...'And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.'


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